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I’m pleased as punch to carry on the magic of The Writing Process Blog Hop. If you’re here, you most likely journeyed from editor/author Kisa Whipkey’s blog Nightwolf’s Corner. If you journeyed from other venues, be sure to check out her Writing Process and other valuable tidbits as well. Kisa has experience as both an author and and editor and blogs about her journey on both paths!

So here are The Rules: Answer the following four questions regarding your writing process and WIP, and then tag four more writers to carry it on after you.

The Questions:

1.) What are you working on?

Right now, I’m dividing my time between the sequel in THE SHADOW OF LIGHT series and a new project, my very own vampire tale, HUMAN AGAIN. *Hears some of you groan at the mention of vampires* While I know some of you love anything vampire, others may never want to hear the dreaded ‘V’ word again. Fair enough, but let me tell you about my story first. When I started writing, I knew that someday I’d have my very own vampire tale to share with the world. BUT I also knew how saturated the market was, and how similar many vampire stories are. I wanted to make sure that my story was  different from anything else out there. I carried this little plot bunny around in my head, and BAM. One Sunday, I was sitting in church (true story), snoring through a discussion on Cain and Abel, and it hit me. My story would be the “true” story of how vampires came to be, based on Cain’s curse and banishment from the Garden of Eden. I pitch it as Interview with a Vampire meets The DaVinci Code. I’m very excited to let it out into the world, but there’s still a lot of work to be done before that happens!

2.) How does your work differ from others in the genre.

Regardless of genre, I put a lot of thought in to concepts before I ever start writing. While nothing’s entirely original, I try to create elements in each of my stories that are completely unique, or a twist on something that is rarely seen.  For example, in THE SHADOW OF LIGHT, my MC travels through space using starlight. While early versions of my story were similar to visiting an alternate dimension (fairly common), the final storyline focuses a single question: What if life could exist inside black holes? To my knowledge, no one has ever created a story examining this possibility (especially since traditional science tells us it’s not possible). So that’s what the final story is shaped around.

Another difference in my work overall is in content. I keep things clean, no swearing and no sex. I love a little romance, but writing anything more than what The Wedding Singer describes as “church tongue” feels totally awkward to me.

3.) Why do you write what you write?

Well you know the saying, “Write what you want to read.” That’s exactly what I do. When I think of my favorite books or movies, I want MORE books or movies like them. I write things that interest me and hopefully they’ll interest others as well.

4.) How does your writing process work?

I wrote a little bit about this for an article on Tammy Farrell’s blog How 12 Different Authors Write a First Draft, but since then, I’ve tried to incorporate less chaos and more routine into my process. I write for at least an hour everyday, more if I have time or get sucked into the story. I try to plot and outline a little bit, though I’m still mostly a pantser. I usually know how the story starts, how it ends, and everything thing in the middle just happens.

Also, I’m a very visual person. Most of my plot bunnies come from pictures or images, something that blossoms into a story as I observe and think about it. For THE SHADOW OF LIGHT, my inspiration was a NASA video. One of my newest story ideas came from a drive across the island of Newfoundland. We drove through a small town named Swift Current, and something about the name clicked as the title of a story. I’m still trying to flesh out what the overall storyline will be, but I’m slowly building the world through random pictures on my Pinterest board THE MAGIC OF SWIFT CURRENT.

So enough about me! It’s time to pass the torch!

Julie Hutchings and Kristen Strassel aka The Undead Duo: Both of these ladies are extremely talented writers. They have a wide variety of published and upcoming works you won’t want to miss. (But I’ll let them tell you about that!) They are super supportive and provide invaluable tips and insight on writing and life in their weekly blog posts. Not to mention, they’re always good for a laugh.

Felicia Anderson: Felicia and I connected via the Twitter last fall during a NaNo short story competition, ProjectREUTSway (read her beautiful Snow White retelling). Then her debut novel THE SCALES ON OUR EYES was chosen for PitchWars, and I couldn’t have been more excited for her! I’m eager to hear about her process and what she’s working on and you should be to!

Carly Drake: Author of WORDS ONCE SPOKEN, Carly is a ball of energy and excitement. She is another one of the ProjectREUTSway cohorts, and is an up-and-coming author you’ll want to keep your eye on. She blogs about all things writing and fashion and promises her posts will contain lots of Richard Armitage pictures. What’s not to like about that?!

 Tiffany Rose: Tiffany is a super talented writer, graphic design fiddler, cool artsy person and Chris Pine Tumblr extraordinaire! I love this gal. As an author that works with a co-author, she will have a unique writing process to share. I’ve had the chance to get a peek at some of her projects and can’t wait to hear about upcoming stories.

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