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As a bit of fun to jump start posts in the new year, I’m featuring cover art designed by my good friend and amazing writer buddy, Melody Winter.  As many of you know, Melody and I recently participated in a short story competition hosted by REUTS Publications.  We are ecstatic to be on the list of finalists revealed last month! As a little celebration, Melody put together mock covers for our stories!  As one of my CPs, Melody had the opportunity to read my stories prior to submission and captured each theme beautifully!  Drum roll please….. mine are posted below!

Week 1

Fairy Tales Redone

A vampire twist on Snow White, written from the POV of the Magic Mirror.

Week 2

Fairy Tales redone

A zombie twist on The Elves and the Shoemaker, written in a modern shoe factory setting.

Week 3

Fairy Tales redone

A fallen angel twist on The Swan Princess utilizing Greek Mythology and a Swan Prince as the MC.

Week 4

Fairy Tales redone

A werewolf tale with a Jekyll and Hyde twist on Hansel and Gretel, told in dual POVs between Gretel and her alternate personality, Hansel/the beast.

I know we both had a blast participating and it’s wonderful to put images with our stories.  Keep watching for updates as the final stories are chosen Jan 31st.  To see the covers Melody created for her stories, or to just say “Hi!” follower her on Twitter at @MelodyWinter or check out her website .  Thank you Melody!!

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