Rhythm and Rhyme

In honor of my first guest blog post for Veronica Park’s “When Writers Go Wrong” series, I thought I’d share the history of its inspiration, a little blurb from my past if you will.  If you read my post already (or if you didn’t what the heck are you waiting for?! Read “Write, Write Baby” now!) then you might be thinking, Dang! I didn’t know you had Vanilla in your blood. Well, maybe just a little.  It would look something like this:


But, I didn’t always. Oh no. I wasn’t born with those moves, or my rhymes. I started out more like this:


Don’t believe me? Well it’s true. Tight-rolled jeans, poofed bangs. Oh yes. I was an 80s child. And a homely one at that. But that didn’t stop me from running for Student Body President in 6th grade.  It was the first year my school would have a Student Body anything, and for some reason, I wanted to be Pres soooooo bad.  Now I can’t remember exactly why, but it probably had something to do with this:


Or probably because I wanted to impress some cute boy I was crushing on.

So I went home, told my mom, and we started working on a speech. Now I don’t know where the idea came from, and I probably can’t take full credit for its origin, but my mom might have said something like, “Everybody will be doing the same, old boring speech. Let’s do something different.”

Riiiiiight. So she suggested I rap.  And my response?

Long story short, we came up with some pretty sweet rhymes…to the tune of the Barney Rubble Fruity Pebbles Rap (anyone remember that?).  “My name is Summer Gallion and I’m here to say, I love Cowden school in a major way…” You get the idea.  And I actually performed it in front of the student body.  Feeling a little something like this:

But wouldn’t you know it…I WON. Which pretty much started a life of this:

But the point of all this is to say, I tried something different. I put myself out there, waaayyyy out of my comfort zone (both in writing and performing), but it helped mold me into the person I am today. And I kinda found out I have a bit of talent for making up raps (good or bad, you be the judge). I love to stretch myself when I write and I recommend it!  So don’t be afraid to try something new, something different, something crazy.  You never know, you might just love it.

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