Project REUTSway Round-Up

As some of you know, I participated in the Project REUTSway short story competition.  I’ve never written short stories before, but found them delightfully addictive!  Writers submitted stories based on weekly themes for a chance to be included in a Grimm/Fairy Tale anthology published by REUTS Publications.  The winning entries will be announced at the end of December, but to hold you over, I’ve compiled the challenges and Top Looks for all four weeks.  Dig in!

Week 1 – Bloody Ever After

Theme: Vampires, Revenants, Chupacabras, Cannibals and/or Bloodsuckers of some kind.

Bonus Challenge: Write from the POV of a different character than the “traditional” fairy tale hero.


Week 2 – The Ugly Dead

Theme: Zombies, Mummies, Ghosts, etc.

Bonus Challenge: Set your fairy tale in an unexpected location or time period.


Week 3 – Fairy Tales from Hell

Theme: Demons, Fallen Angels, Succubae, etc.

Bonus Challenge: Gender swap the hero/heroine of your fairy tale, and/or add an LGBT element.


Week 4 – Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark

Theme: Werewolves and other Were-Animals–Therianthropy of all kinds, really–Skin-Walkers, Shape Shifters, Selkies, etc.

Bonus Challenge: Take two characters and combine them into a single Jekyll and Hyde-style persona.


There are some amazing writers and super fun stories!  Did I mention how much fun I had?  So much that I’m considering making jars with “Theme” and “Bonus Challenge” writing prompts to produce even more short stories!  Check back in January, I’ll post any of my stories that aren’t selected for the final anthology for your viewing pleasure.  Until winners are announced, I’ll leave you with a big “GOOD LUCK” to everyone who participated!!

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