Making Rejection Easy With Your Host, Julie

An excellent reminder as we hit the ground running in the new year. I echo Julie’s mantra: “My books are coming out, one way or another.” Figure out what works best for your work, then make it happen.

Originally posted on Deadly Ever After:

Making Rejection Easy With Your Host, Julie Hutchings

TODAY’S BREW: Target brand Candy Cane. It was less than $3.

By Julie Hutchings

Writers put themselves through the ringer. We beat ourselves to hell getting words on paper to give to critique partners and welcome their line by line shredding. Then we do it all over again. And as if finishing the book isn’t enough, now we have to put it out into the world and seemingly beg for rejections. From advanced readers, from agents, from editors and publishers, and eventually readers. This thing that you’ve bled into, and you’ve sent it out to be


I watch writers sob, question their talent, their self-worth, all of their choices over ten or twelve pints of ice cream and booze after those rejections start rolling in. It kills me to watch. I have to say that one thing I am wildly proud of in myself is my ability to handle these rejections. I never let them get me down, and can count on two fingers the number of times I’ve cried over them. This is how…

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