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One of my favorite things for creating visuals and imagining a world is music! I’m excited to have a guest post from Melody Winter in which she talks about the tunes behind SACHAEL DREAMS! If you haven’t read this lovely story yet, be sure to get your copy today! Take it away Melody!


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Music plays an important part of my writing process. I become slightly obsessed while trying to seek out songs that fit the feel of the chapters. It also works the other way though—and there have been times when I’ve heard a song and it’s influenced the way the story goes. I love to discover the perfect song for every chapter and the list below pulls out my favourites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Overall theme for Sachael Dreams:

The Sea – Melanie C

This is the perfect song for the whole book. Melanie C has a haunting voice, a theme that runs throughout many of the song I’ve chosen.

‘As the tides they bring me home . . . Feelings I should leave alone to the ocean. A moment of calm, I won’t be rocked by you . . . I am the one, I am strong, kept my head above water. . . . Your love is like a hurricane . . . I won’t be scared, I’m not afraid.’

Prologue: Dark Angel

My Heart is Broken – Evanescence

This is Lilith’s song. It’s heartbreaking, desperate and has a massive fear of loss. And within this song we hear the name of this chapter – Dark Angel – very fitting considering Sachael’s are considered Angels of water.

‘I will wander ‘til the end of time, torn away from you . . . I close my eyes and drift away . . . I will never find a way to heal my soul. Sweet sleep my dark angel . . .’

Chapter 1 – Estelle’s Promise

Only Time – Enya

Whenever Estelle does a submergence I always put on music by Enya. Her voice captures the serene and emotional moments perfectly. Even the instrumental tracks evoke a feeling of complete relaxation. This fits the moment when she always thinks of her father.

‘Who can say why your heart sighs . . . who can say when the roads meet . . .who can say when the day sleeps that the night keeps all your heart . . .’

Chapter 4 – Northern Star

Beautiful Mind – Melanie C

Another of Melanie C’s song which fits Clarissa, Estelle’s mother, perfectly. Suffering with depression Clarissa sinks into her own world. She lives in the past, her memories are all she has . . . and Estelle.

‘Heart torn down the middle, time slows her pace, smiles just a little, takes her away . . . A thousand stories never told, a million dreams she won’t let go . . . lost in her beautiful mind.’

Chapter 6 – The Meeting

Gotta Be Somebody – Nickelback

This song fits for when Estelle’s meets Azariah. That amazing moment when you meet someone and have that weird instant feeling that there’s more going on than you ever thought possible.

‘I wonder what it feels like, to find the one in this life, the one we all dream of, but dreams are not enough . . .’

Chapter 7 – City Visit

Clone – Metric

This is when Estelle travels to York and all her memories of her three years spent living there come flooding back. The beat of the track also sounds like the constant drum of the train on the tracks.

‘My regrets . . . only makes me stronger yet. Nothing I’ve ever done right, happened on the safe side.’

Chapter 8 – Seduction

Trust – Christina Perri

Another meeting with Azariah, and a time when Estelle has to begin to trust him.

‘Memories won’t stop stinging, promises I couldn’t believe in . . . I knew better then . . . to trust myself, to trust someone else, to trust the doubt in the back of my mind . . .’

Chapter 10 – Elpis

Tune into my Heart – Little Boots

I love this song. The mood lifts as Azariah brings his brother to meet Estelle. A carefree day on the beach see’s Azariah confirming his commitment to Estelle and sealing their relationship with their first kiss!

‘Communication’s never simple . . . I know the journeys never easy . . . when dreams become the reality it’s never quite the same.’

Chapter 11 – Missing

Down – Jason Walker

Ever get that feeling that everything you’ve been promised falls flat at your feet. This is how Estelle feels here.

‘I’m not ready to let go, ‘cause then I’ll never know what I could be missing . . . But I’m missing way too much, so when do I give up what I’ve been wishing for . . . ‘

Chapter 13 – Sunrise

Sleep Baby Sleep – The Broods

This see’s the morning after a restless and disturbed night.

‘Sleep, baby sleep, what are you waiting for, the morning’s on its way . . . I lie next to you . . . the beauty of this mess is that it brings me closer to you.’

Chapter 14 – Sachaels

Run for your Life – Matt Cardle

This song fits perfectly for Azariah. He’s telling Estelle what he’s like, how he really feels about her, but also warning her that she should run from him.

‘You’re worth more, you’re worth more than this, you can take the leap without the risk . . . there’s no time, there’s no time for this, take your love and start again . . . So run for your life, run for your life, if you leave me behind, you’ll get there in time . . . One day you’ll understand I’m not who you think I am . . .’

Chapter 15 – Andromeda

Love like Stars – Ben Montague

Ben is one of my favourite up and coming singer/songwriters. All his music fits Sachael Dreams perfectly. But this one is perfect for a night together under the stars – just like the one Azariah and Estelle have.

‘See the future written in the sky . . . the time has stopped, the world is still, I feel my heartbeat tickling slowly, I catch my breath and hold on to tonight . . . This is us, I don’t ever want the day to break, this is us, we are never gonna fade away . . . we love like stars . . . Close your eyes and stay with me, stay with me inside this moment, I promise you I’ll never let you go . . .’

Chapter 17 – Caught

Search and Destroy – 30STM

This is Orontes’s song. He spends his life trying to find Sachaels and ultimately destroy them. It also gives us a few clues as to Orontes and the way he thinks.

‘I’m no hero . . . guilty as charged . . . found my faith, living in sin . . . I’m no Jesus, neither are you my friend . . . sick as my secrets, never gonna tell . . . ‘

Chapter 19 – Obsession

Uninvited – Freemasons ft Bailey Tzuke

This is Estelle’s song for when someone starts showing more than a friendly attention to her. It’s not wanted, but it also confuses her.

‘Like anyone would be, I am flattered by your fascination with me . . . but you, you’re not allowed, you’re uninvited . . . You speak of my love like you have experienced love like mine before . . .’

And the last line always gets me: ‘I don’t think you unworthy, I need a moment to deliberate.’

Chapter 20 – Revelations

There’s Never a Forever Thing – a-Ha

An amazingly strong song that captures a person’s unwavering support for Estelle and the situation she’s found herself in. He cares about her so much, and worries about what she’s keeping from him.

‘Close your eyes and don’t you cry . . . it’s alright. Lie back, leave the lights on, it’s alright, I’ll be here through the night, with you ‘til the first signs of light . . . hush, wipe your tears away . . .’

Chapter 22 – Admittance

Your Star – Evanescence

This chapter sees Estelle finally open up, and what she says has dramatic consequences. Will the one person she needs to believe her turn against her or support her. I see ‘your star’ as the moon.

‘I can’t see your star . . . How can the darkness feel so wrong? And I’m alone now, me and all I stood for . . . so far away . . . why can’t you feel me calling your name? Can’t break the silence, it’s breaking me . . .’

There are other songs, I have one for every chapter remember, but these are the main ones for Sachael Dreams. The final ones I can’t list as they give too much away due to them fitting the nature of the chapters.

The complete list will become available on my website if anyone wants to see the other songs that make up my playlist for Sachael Dreams.

But for now . . . happy listening.

About the Author

Melody Winter Author Photo

Growing up, Melody Winter showed a natural ability in art, a head for maths, and a tendency to write far too long English essays. Difficult to place in the world when she graduated, she pursued a career in teaching, but eventually ended up working in Finance. Melody is convinced the methodical time she spends working with numbers fuels her desire to drift into dream worlds and write about the illusory characters in her head.

Melody Winter lives in North Yorkshire, England, with her husband and two sons. When not dealing with football, rugby, and a whole plethora of ‘boy’ activities, she will be found scribbling notes for her stories, or preparing for another trip to the beach. With an obsession for anything mythical, Melody revels in reading and writing about such creatures. In fact, if she wasn’t such a terrible swimmer, she’d say she was a mermaid.

Sachael Dreams is her debut novel, and the first in her New Adult Romantic Fantasy series—the ‘Mine Series’.

You can view more of Melody Winter on her Website, Twitter or Facebook.

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